Monday, September 22, 2008


2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid
Coming this October to a showroom near you!!! Cadillac once again shows its commitment to continuous innovation. The 2009 Escalade will be the first 2-Mode Hybrid Luxury SUV. This Hybrid system uses both electric and gasoline motors to create power. This combination will create an estimated 50% improvement in city fuel economy over Non-Hybrid Escalades.
There are five major components that make this vehicle so efficient:
Auto Stop:
When the vehicle is not moving (example: at a stop light or in traffic) the Hybrid Escalade will conserve fuel by shutting off all engine power. When the vehicle pulls off it will run completely on the electric generator. This Auto Stop feature ensures that no fuel is wasted and no emissions are produced when the vehicle is not moving.
Electric Power:
At slower speeds this Hybrid Escalade can operate entirely with the electric motor.
Hybrid Power:
If the Escalade needs more power it will automatically use a combination of the electric motor and the gasoline motor which creates a very powerful combination; which creates an extremely efficient/economical output.
Engine Power:
If the demand for power increases beyond what the electric motor can handle the the engine will smoothly take over.
Regenerative Braking:
Every time this Hybrid brakes are applied the Regenerative Braking System engages. This system captures the energy usually lost when slowing down and stores it.
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